Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sound roll.

New speakers may be paper thin, but the deliver an audio experience. How's that possible? Some type of prepolarised diaphragm embedded in the paper makes it all happen. FleXpeaker is the center of much attention as their disruptive new product wows consumers and woos product development managers and investors. ITRI, a tech research institute from Taiwan has been showered with accolades and great attention since the release of their very unique technology.

Think of it as a speaker in the form of a sheet. The sheet can be rolled up, applied to various shapes and configurations, and even cut to shape. Applications extend from TVs to computers, radios, clothing and innumerable other things we can only dream of.

With a little more development, the paper will go from concept to plug-n-play by facilitating a direct interface with consumer devices.

Is it possbile, then, that in the future, speakers will be sold off the roll? "Cut me 3 meters of subwoofer, please."

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