Monday, December 22, 2008

Double Bubble

It's time to thin the herd once more. We're at the tail end of Bubble #2. Dozens of companies competing for the same market space with very few differentiators and little value that I can discern. I supposed they got this far on investor "revenues," but as the economy slows down and funding dries up, it's a race to the finish on fumes.

Not necessarily bad news... more like a Hegelian dialectic that will reorganize the markets and create better products; that is, unless you're heavily invested in those solutions.

Would the real solutions provider please stand up?
Who will make the cut? Who will crash and burn? What seems to determine the success of SaaS products? Which sectors are most vulnerable? That, my friends, is what I'm going to try and uncover. Not just for you... but for my own businesses. We all want stabile and scalable solutions powering the back-end of our organizations. Nobody wants to lose sleep over having to build Rome again.

Stay tuned...

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