Monday, December 22, 2008

Best Teched Secrets

A look into my secret hideout for cool applications. I'm still looking for the all-in-one productivity solution. The way I see it, I could start developing it myself, but by the time I launch, someone will beat me to the punch. Then it would become a tech development race, price war and eventually, just another Bubble company. But I digress.


It's scary how many options there are for project management. Scary, because it's impossible that they'll all survive the test of time, and nobody wants to rebuild an infrastructure and repopulate data when Bubble Number Two bursts. So sometimes we have to compromise and go with the solution we think will be around for a while, even if it doesn't do all the stuff we want it to do; or for that matter, what it should do. Sometimes I wonder if companies are developing software for end-users...

Coming soon...

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