Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The "i"s have it. The new iPhone 3Gs is a killer.

If you are one of my three readers or single follower, then you may recall that I predicted total domination by the Palm Pre. Not so fast. For various reasons, I made the jump from Verizon Wireless to AT&T and picked up a new 32GB iPhone 3Gs.

I've been a Palm loyalist since the Palm III, and this new device is nothing short of revolutionary.

Why did I abandon ship and pick up an iPhone?
- Timing is everything
- Huge app store
- Track tested and improved
- Killer with Google Apps
- Digital keyboard means less real estate wasted
- Revolutionary
- Intuitive and ingenious

The iPhone is truly worthy of the name "disruptive." Palm may be fighting an uphill battle depending on the tenacity of Verizon Wireless customers. The 3Gs cannot run on a CDMA network as far as I know, so Verizon will most likely push the Pre as the ultimate sticky toy.

The new iPhone isn't so much a convenience device as a lifestyle solution. It's shockingly good. No wonder Apple Culture is so pervasive.

Full review coming soon, per request by Carl Ford Jr.

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