Sunday, February 1, 2009

It's about time

Is time travel just around the bend of light? University of Connecticut professor of theoretical physics, Dr. Ronald Mallet says yes. According to Mallet, the key is in Eintein's Special Theory of Relativity. The curvature of space can be bent with light; since space and time are linked, Mallet's theory of space travel is a hypothetical possibility.

It's not such a rosy picture for time travelers, however. Travel either backwards or forwards into time is probably a one-way ticket. The moment the intrepid traveler exists in another time, it is possible that he ceases to exist in his time of origin. However, he can coexist with the older or younger version of himself, because he is, in fact, different.

In an interview with radio talkshow host, Art Bell, Mallet stated that the "Many Universes" theory of modern physics is an unknown variable.

The future that you're affecting by going into the past is not necessarily the one associated with your point of origin. Rather, it could be in a parallel universe. Mallet published a book on the subject called Time Traveler.

Could this be the most disruptive technology of the future... or the past?

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