Thursday, January 1, 2009

Memorable TV Ads

The funny thing about ads...

Verizon's new Dead Zone campaign.

Designing a TV ad to be sticky and informative is no easy task. Following is a list of

15 effective elements in TV advertising

Clearly, this list doesn't suggest that you should use every one of these strategies, but in our opinion, these are points to lead off your brainstorming.
  1. Stickiness (humor, shock or compelling content)
  2. Education - what can we teach them that will raise eyebrows?
  3. Features - why is this brand right for you?
  4. Instruction - How does it work?
  5. Consumer perspective - how does this brand look/feel/taste in the mind of the consumer? Carl's Junior always make me hungry.
  6. Testimonials
  7. Remarkable facts
  8. Bold statements
  9. Medium is the message - create an impression on the brain by hitting three dimensions - sight, sound, and emotion.
  10. Clear message
  11. Linear story of interest - an example of this would be some of Levi's campaigns where a person would go through many hardships in order to regain control over his Levi jeans.
  12. Show the numbers - comparisons are very powerful. Kodak just launched a direct assault on HP, stating that their color printer offers lower cost of ownership by consuming less ink. They show specifically how many cartridges you will go through if you own the competitor's model.
  13. Shock - emotive ads like Volkswagon's "safe happens" campaign.
  14. Memorable slogans associated with memorable audio/visuals. Once again, Volkswagon's "safe happens" campaign is the paragon of perfection.
  15. Metaphor - Few things are better at driving home a message than a strong visual metaphor. Always remember the famous "Immigration Gumball" speech.

Honda's brilliant disruptive ad

Sometimes the innovation of the ad itself becomes a message of innovation for the company. Honda and XBox are the best examples.

12 Successful branded associations

  1. Volkswagen - safe
  2. Dos Equis - the beer of the world's most interesting man
  3. Tanqueray - the choice of sophisticates
  4. Head On - apply directly to the forhead
  5. Fedex - easy, fast and reliable.
  6. Gamefly - easy to use
  7. T-Mobile, the cheapest in the business
  8. Verizon - it's all about the Network, no "dead zones".
  9. Apple - Cool young people use Mac. Clueless nerds use PCs.
  10. Microsoft - Our customer made a campaign for us (absolutely brilliant)
  11. Levis - they fit great, and are an essential part of a lifestyle.
  12. iPhone - Totally disruptive technology that stands at the vanguard of innovation and style.

Here is a collection of the best TV ads. All have one or more elements from my list above. Not only are they all memorable, but the essence of the humor, shock or curiosity is integral to the brand itself.

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